Wem Studios

If cost and convenience are important to you, Wem Studios is THE place!

 Unit 3 17

Having a workspace that you feel comfortable and confident in is essential. You need space that’s flexible and affordable…& that’s where Wem Studios comes in.

Our workspace in the heart of Wem is available for all types of businesses to rent. Whether you’re a start-up entrepreneur or a small business Wem Studios can cater for you.

Most of our enquiries are local / North Shropshire but we also hear from business people in Shrewsbury as that is only 20 minutes by car




Mains water, drainage, shared toilet facilities, external repairs and decorations, security lighting are all included in one bill.

We can arrange for a landline if you wish at a negotiated rate but the area does have a strong mobile signal & broadband connection.

The Maltings café is popular - perfect for drinks, light bites and even a hearty lunch. If you want to try somewhere else or simply stretch your legs, Wem High Street is just minutes away.

Wem cafe photo


To find out more about Wem Studios, call Nick on 07767 896292 or email nick@ambergt.co.uk